Robert Farrell Domestic Appliance Repairs Wexford | Tumble dryer repairs wexford Robert Farrell Domestic Appliance Repairs Wexford
Tumble dryer repairs wexford Robert Farrell Domestic Appliance Repairs Wexford
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Tumble Dryer Repair Wexford

We repair all makes of tumble dryers and replace the most common parts like belts drives door seals and others. Your drum maybe faulty or you may have an electrical fault with your tumble dryer, Contact us today for a fast and friendly service.

What’s wrong with my machine?

Overloading Tumble Dryers

Just as much as people overload washing machines, tumble dryers also get overloaded on a regular basis and it causes issues with the efficiency of your dryer as well as potential failures.

Tumble Dryer Belts Snapping

The most common failure we see on tumble dryer drive belts are where one section of the belt has become burnt through.

Tumble Dryer Fire Risks

If you fail to clean the filters regularly then fluff and lint builds up and gets forced through the air distribution system, it reaches the heater and it can then burn.

Tumble Dryer Not heating

The heater and thermostats are the most common area to fail in some way.

Clean Filters

Check the filters first, blocked filters will mean reduced airflow and this can seriously affect the dryer’s performance. This is simple routine maintenance that, if not carried out, will mean possible poor performance, longer dry times and bigger electricity bills.

Wait For Your Tumble Dryer To Cool Down

Pulling the door open to check if stuff is dry and such things will, almost certainly in a modern dryer, result in the overheat thermostat being tripped.

Tumble Dryer Not Starting

This is not really a very common problem on most but some machines and older machines especially it does happen usually due to the door microswitch failing.

Self Condensing Tumble Dryers

If the appliance leaks check that the water tray in it’s housing correctly and in not full.


All Major Makes Repaired